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Dr. Thiel is the German manufacturer of affordable quality products to cover containers and trailers as well as for accessories for securing loads. Order our products right here!

Have a look at a video post about our company, which will give you an insight into the production of tarpaulins and nets here at Dr. Thiel.

We are experts in manufacturing tailor-fit, custom-made tarpaulins and nets according to your individual sizes and specifications.

Proven cargo safety with DEKRA certification

Almost all products in our shop can be ordered in special sizes, material and colors. You can enter custom dimensions and calculate a square meter price before ordering. We can manufacture within a very short time frame, so that your custom-made tarpaulin or cargo net -order will arrive at your doorstep in no time.

Our prices already include German VAT!

Featured Products:

Quality tested cargo safety

Our products for the cover charge are mostly awarded a DEKRA certificate and have proven themselves traditionally in the logistics industry, as a solution to cover the charge for logistics companies and above all as a cover for the transport of bulk materials and construction waste to container construction. We have developed many of our products strictly according to customer order for any possible situation to achieve the highest quality  for a product that is securing loads. Many of our heavy duty tarps are also provided with reinforced edges, to provide for a longer shelf life, e.g. on sharp metal edges of containers.

Order tailor-fit cargo covers and nets

Dr. Thiel is the specialist for special sizes and for assembled tarpaulins. In addition to offering a variety of colors and standard sizes, you can order almost all our cargo-safety products in individual and special sizes. We can manufacture almost all sizes and designs of covering nets. Wether it's your car trailer, your containers or a special size of a pick-up truck.

Order Container Nets and Tarpaulins in custom sizes - price calculated immediately

Dr. Thiel's online store offers immediately configurable products for securing any kind of load.  This applies both to the typical standard sizes covering composition of containers (such as 2,2 x4, 5m, 2,5 x5, 0m, 2,3 x4, 5m, 2.3 x5m, 2.5 x6m, 2,5 x6, 5m, 3x5m, 3x7m, 3x7, 5m, 3x8m, 3.1 x7m / 3,1 x7, 5m, 3.1 X8M, 3.5 x5m, 3.5 x6m, 3.5 x7m, 3.5 X8M), as well as to enter your own, individual size for a tarpaulin. Simply specify the desired size in square meters and the price of your order is shown right away. The prices for our products cover charge and assurance as well as include German Standard VAT. And of course you will get almost all woven tarpaulins in various colors and designs with and without rubber cord and with different mesh sizes. For your even more detailed customizing needs, please send us an inquiry using the contact form: We are looking forward to finding a solution for you and answering all of  your questions.

Custom-made woven tarpaulins and nets

Our products are not only suitable for covering cargo, but can be used as screen, proven cover for swimming pools or a sandpits. In addition, we also produce custom-made solutions, our plan for the industry, such as the "Silonetz", used as filter system against dirt.

Do you have problems with the safety of your cargo? We have prepared an adequate, affordable solution. If you have any special requests concerning the securing and safety of cargo loads, we are of course always happy to help. Just use our contact form.